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Alum Story | EPISODE 017

Stories of Healing: Brooke Scherer

On our final episode of our Stories of Healing series, we sit down with Milestones alum Brooke Scherer to further examine the effects of trauma on her life and the profound healing she experienced during her time at Milestones.

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Alum Story | EPISODE 016

Stories of Healing: Jordan Scherer 

We connect with Milestones alum Jordan Scherer to delve into his story and the work that changed not just his life but the trajectory of his entire family.

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Alum Story | EPISODE 015

Stories of Healing: Montanna Christoffersen

We invite Montanna Christoffersen to share her healing journey with us, where she recounts her experience at Milestones and how it has encouraged her to destigmatize the notion of “residential treatment” so that people might understand that healing is possible inside a safe environment like Milestones.

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Alum Story | EPISODE 014

Stories of Healing: Tristan Trechsel 

We begin a 4-part series where we welcome past clients as they share the impacts of trauma on their lives, the pivotal moments that encouraged them to reach out in pursuit of a different path, and the transformative work they experienced at Milestones. 

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Alum Story | EPISODE 013

What Does Trauma Recovery Look Like?

We take a unique look at how we can lean into a recovery lifestyle and pursue a journey of healing.

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Trauma | EPISODE 012

How Do I Know If Residential Treatment Is Right For Me?

We explore how to determine if residential care is the right next step in your recovery journey and outline how the Milestones and Admissions teams collaborate to help people assess their unique needs and goals and make the right choice for their season and situation.

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Trauma | EPISODE 011

How is Equine Therapy an Effective Tool for Treating Trauma?

We take a deep dive into the uniquely powerful connecting modality of Equine Therapy and how it can unlock healing and cultivate connection with ourselves and others.

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Trauma | Episode 010

What Does a Day at Milestones Look Like?

A behind-the-scenes look into life at Milestones with team members Crystal and Matthew. They answer all our questions about the ins and outs of the residential treatment experience.

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Trauma | Episode 009

How Are IFS and EMDR Effective Tools for Treating Trauma?

We explore how the therapeutic modalities of IFS (Internal Family Systems) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can be effective tools in healing trauma.

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Trauma | Episode 008

How Do I Support a Loved One Who Has Experienced Trauma?

We’re exploring the best ways to show up for our loved ones who have experienced trauma and how to offer sustainable support.

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Trauma | Episode 007

How is Adventure Therapy an Effective Tool for Treating Trauma?

We sit down with therapists Marie Turley and Bobby Chapman to talk through the impactful modality of adventure therapy and their passion for helping patients get outside the therapy room and into their bodies with this unique way of treating trauma.

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Trauma | Episode 006

How Does Trauma Impact Our Relationships?

A unique look at how trauma impacts our relationships with the people around us. We often say that we're hardwired for community, but the effects of trauma have real consequences on our relationships.

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Trauma | Episode 005

How are EMDR and Brainspotting Effective Tools for Treating Trauma?

We explore the therapeutic modalities of Brain Spotting and EMDR and how these two forms of therapy can help people address their trauma and decrease panic and anxiety.

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Trauma | Episode 004

How Does Trauma Impact Our Physical Health?

How Dr. Sara and Dr. Neil partner to help clients better understand the mind-body connection and many of the things we often dismiss or overlook regarding our physical health.

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Trauma | Episode 003

How are Psychodrama and Community Effective Tools for Treating Trauma?

Mickenzie and Christopher chat with therapists Samantha Bishop and Terence Smith to explore an effective experiential modality called psychodrama.

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Trauma | Episode 002

How Does Trauma Impact Our Brains?

Explore how traumatic experiences rewire and impact our brains, as well as a few treatment methods that help the brain heal from trauma.

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