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EP. 013:

What Does Trauma Recovery Look Like?

With Tara Booker

On our final episode of this installation of our limited series, Christopher and Mickenzie sit down with therapist Tara Booker to explore how we can lean into a recovery lifestyle and pursue a journey of healing. We round out this episode with encouragement from several of the voices you’ve heard throughout the series.

“Healing isn’t always linear, and that’s okay.”

– Tara Booker

Meet this episode’s expert

Tara Booker, LCSW, serves as an Adjust Therapist for the clients of Milestones. She joins our team with experience from a variety of organizations supporting individuals impacted by trauma and addictions since 2013, including the Next Door and The Ranch.

Tara was drawn to working at Milestones because she enjoys working with individuals partaking in the residential treatment experience. She was excited to join a team of top-notch clinicians who help clients mend deep wounds with trauma-focused and intensive therapies in a group setting.