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Designed to restore and transform

We hold space. We help resolve and repair what hurts.
We help you find your way back to hope.

Our home for holistic healing and transformation

Nestled in the rolling hills outside Nashville, the 250-acre campus gives you the space to unburden from the stress and responsibilities of daily life and untangle what’s holding you back. We take care of the details so you can take care of what you came here to do—find hope and healing.

A sanctuary built on community, compassion, and care

Turn down the noise of life, immerse yourself in nature, and embrace the simplicity you need to get the breakthrough you deserve.

Healing happens here

A safe environment for avoiding distractions, focusing on yourself, and resting and rebuilding in comfortable surroundings.

Treating the root

Many of the issues holding us back are deeply rooted in trauma, and we often have to heal our past to create the present and future we desire.

Milestones offers an innovative approach to traditional treatment. We focus on the source of your pain—not just the symptoms. Our team combines one part science, one part art, and a touch of magic to heal what hurts and put you back on the path of possibility.

Helping you heal from the inside out

Our culinary team incorporates high-quality ingredients from local farmers to ensure that everything we offer helps aid in the healing process. We aim to ensure that the time you spend with us enriches your mind, body, and soul.

Experts who understand and support your healing

You’ll work with some of the best therapists—and humans—in the world. They will guide you with intention to the tools you need for empowered healing and personal growth. We care about you and want to help set you on a path to the wholeness you deserve.


Commonly asked questions about the Milestones Experience.

What is a typical day like at Milestones?

We believe that your story is unique, so your treatment should be, too. The innovative Milestones experience is customizable to meet your individual needs. It is structured, yet flexible in a “home away from home” environment to accommodate each participant’s unique strengths, abilities, needs, and goals. Each day is specialized for each client. There is no “cookie-cutter” day at Milestones because we believe your care should be as unique as you are.

A typical day might include lectures, group sessions, adventure therapy, individual therapeutic work, meditation, meals prepared by our world-class culinary team, yoga, 12 Step Meetings, equine therapy, gym time, self-care time, educational forum, experiential therapy, music therapy, spirituality exploration, and more.

See a sample week’s schedule here.

What is the campus like?

Milestones’ campus is located on a 250-acre campus among the scenic rolling hills of Tennessee, just outside Nashville. Every piece of this property is thoughtfully designed for recalibration, restoration, and reconnection.  

Residents reside in a large home surrounded by walking trails, a creek, and ample room to explore and reconnect. Milestones shares a campus with our sister brand, Onsite which hosts week-long in-person group experiences. The two communities are separate apart from meals. Explore our campus here.

What are the accommodations?

Our boutique accommodations are part of our healing hospitality. Every space within the Milestones facility is thoughtfully designed for rest and rejuvenation. Each shared room includes a private bathroom, high-quality linens, and toiletries. 

Single rooms may be available upon request if clinically appropriate at an additional cost.

What food is served during a program?

Our restaurant quality, farm-to-table meals are well-balanced, nutritious, varied, and delicious. Each meal has several options, providing something for everyone’s preferences. Meals are served community-style in a buffet line. In addition to three meals a day, snacks, coffee, and tea are available throughout your stay.

Can you accommodate my specific dietary needs or restrictions?

We provide nutritious meals for various dietary needs. Each meal includes gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free, and kosher options. Our team is committed to ensuring you have food catered to your needs that nourishes and comforts you in the midst of your emotional work.

Do you accommodate Kosher?

Our culinary team is dedicated to accommodating Kosher needs to the best of our ability. For a complete list of Kosher meals available, please contact our team.  

What we offer:

  • A dedicated Kosher microwave and refrigerator 
  • Space to store food and snacks that you bring with you 
  • A dedicated Keurig coffee maker and Kosher coffee pods 
  • Upon request, a salad can be prepared for lunch and dinner by a trained culinary team member (Please notify the culinary department in advance if you would like this option)
  • Cutting board and knife used exclusively for Kosher salad preparation by culinary team member  
  • Kosher frozen meals; a dinner and lunch option* 
  • Limited stocked pantry of additional kosher canned goods and items 
  • Plastic utensils and plates 
  • Candles and a safe place to observe Sabbath


Collaborate on care for your client

Learn more about our transformational approach and how Milestones can partner with you to serve you and your client.