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EP 006:

How Does Trauma Impact Our Relationships?

With Samantha Bishop

Today, Therapist Samantha Bishop is back to help Mickenzie and Christopher explore how trauma impacts our relationships with the people around us. We often say that we’re hardwired for community, but the effects of trauma have real consequences on our relationships. In this episode, Sam helps us assess how we can regain a sense of connection and safety.

“If it takes you 100 times to hear this, I hope you can accept that you’re worth getting help. You’re worth reaching out to. You’re worthy of connection. You’re always worth that, and you always deserve that.”

– Samantha Bishop

Meet this episode’s expert

Samantha serves as a Primary Therapist for the clients of Milestones, Onsite’s Residential Trauma Program. Before joining the Milestones Team, Samantha served as a therapist at both Rocketown and the Refuge Center for Counseling in Middle Tennessee. She also served as a mobile crisis responder for Youth Villages, where she was able to connect diverse youth with activities and connective experiences.

Samantha was looking for a workplace where she could grow and be challenged personally and professionally. She was excited to start the next chapter of her career with Onsite.