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EP. 014:

Stories of Healing: Tristan Trechsel 

With Tristan Trechsel

Welcome back to the Treating Trauma podcast! During the last 13 episodes of this limited series, we explored the nature of trauma and various healing modalities with our expert therapists and clinicians at Milestones. The series was such a helpful tool, but upon reflection, we felt like the story was incomplete without hearing firsthand from our Milestones alums about their personal experiences of transformation.

In the next 4 episodes, we welcome past clients as they share the impacts of trauma on their lives, the pivotal moments that encouraged them to reach out in pursuit of a different path, and the transformative work they experienced inside the safe and nurturing environment of the healing hospitality at Milestones. 

In this episode, Christopher and Nicole sit down with Tristan Trechsel to discuss his time at Milestones, the power of community, and his ongoing pursuit of healing.