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EP 003:

How are Psychodrama and Community Effective Tools for Treating Trauma?

With Samantha Bishop and Terence Smith

In today’s episode, Mickenzie and Christopher chat with therapists Samantha Bishop and Terence Smith to explore an effective experiential modality called psychodrama. Together, they explain how psychodrama, coupled with the presence of a safe community, can help rightsize our past, gain insight into our present, and create a path toward the future we desire.

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“In therapy, the priority is relationship — to be fully known and to feel safe in being known—that’s everything. It trumps any kind of modality.”

– Samantha Bishop

Meet this episode’s expert

Samantha serves as a Primary Therapist for the clients of Milestones, Onsite’s Residential Trauma Program. Before joining the Milestones Team, Samantha served as a therapist at both Rocketown and the Refuge Center for Counseling in Middle Tennessee. She also served as a mobile crisis responder for Youth Villages, where she was able to connect diverse youth with activities and connective experiences.

Samantha was looking for a workplace where she could grow and be challenged personally and professionally. She was excited to start the next chapter of her career with Onsite.

Meet this episode’s expert

Terence Smith, LPC, serves as a Primary Therapist for the clients of Milestones, Onsite’s Residential Trauma Program. He joins our team after working in the trauma and addiction fields for almost a decade. He counts it one of his greatest professional achievements to pour back into other therapists and mentor recent graduates in the psychology field.

Prior to coming to Onsite, Terrance worked as a Sex and Addiction Therapist at Integrative Life Center where he assisted in the development and implementation of the Sex and Love Addiction Program. He also served as a Primary Therapist at the Center for Relational and Sexual Recovery Men’s Program at The Ranch in Middle Tennessee.