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Commonly asked questions about Milestones.

Who is a good fit for the Milestones program?

Milestones would benefit someone desiring to work on multiple traumas or complex trauma at a slower, individualized, and intentional pace. We specialize in various therapeutic modalities proven to combat trauma and its effects, including sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, and co-dependency.

How long is the Milestones Program?

Milestones offers a variable length of stay between 30 to 90 days, depending on individual needs, progress, and goals.

What is a typical day like at Milestones?

We believe that your story is unique, so your treatment should be too. The innovative Milestones experience is customizable to meet your individual needs. It is structured, yet flexible in a “home away from home” environment to accommodate each participant’s unique strengths, abilities, needs, and goals. Each day is specialized for each client. There is no “cookie-cutter” day at Milestones because we believe your care should be as unique as you are.

A typical day might include lectures, group sessions, adventure therapy, individual therapeutic work, meditation, meals prepared by our world-class culinary team, yoga, 12 Step Meetings, equine therapy, gym time, self-care time, educational forum, experiential therapy, music therapy, spirituality exploration, and more.

See a sample week’s schedule here.

What kind of treatment does Milestones provide?

Milestones specializes in trauma treatment. We offer a variety of therapeutic modalities carefully curated to address unique needs and provide a transformative experience. You can view a full list of our modalities here.

Milestones is a great companion to addiction recovery work; however, we are not set up to assist clients in active addiction. Our Admissions Team will provide resources for clients to seek recovery before attending Milestones.

How do I begin the admissions process?

When you’re ready to take the next step, you can fill out our admissions form and/or call our Admissions team at 1-800-341-7432. Our trusted team will connect with you to understand your specific goals and needs, and if Milestones is not a fit for you, they will provide referrals to other trusted resources and programs.