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EP. 012:

How Do I Know If Residential Treatment Is Right For Me?

With Amanda Morrow and Shannon Yates

Today, we invite Clinical Supervisor Amanda Morrow and Admissions Director Shannon Yates to help us explore how to determine if residential care is the right next step in your recovery journey. They outline how the Milestones and Admissions teams collaborate to help people assess their unique needs and goals and make the right choice for their season and situation.

“It often feels like the work done in residential is work that can’t be done in outpatient therapy. There’s something truly magical about stepping out of your busy life to give yourself the time and space to do the work.”

– Christopher O’Reilly

Meet this episode’s expert

Amanda Morrow, MS, serves as Milestones’ Clinical Supervisor. In this role, Amanda ensures the clinical programming at Milestones remains top notch.

Amanda previously served as a Primary Therapist for the residents of Milestones. In this role, Amanda had the honor of walking with clients as they explored the depths of their pain and helped equip them to walk through that pain toward healing.

Before coming to Milestones, Amanda worked as a therapist in a residential treatment center that dealt with addiction, mental health, and trauma. In addition, she also worked as a psychoeducational therapist in an outpatient treatment center for adolescent males.

After attending Psychodrama and Experiential Training Institute programs for mental health professionals on our campus, Amanda left hoping to work at Onsite or Milestones. She longed to work for a program that integrated experiential modalities to treat individuals holistically.

Meet this episode’s expert

As an Admissions Director, Shannon leads the team guiding clients through the admissions process and connecting them with a variety of emotional and mental health resources.

Shannon has served in almost every department at Onsite, Milestones’ sister company, in some capacity, having worked at Onsite on and off since high school.

Shannon returned to Onsite and Milestones full-time after getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and is now serving and leading our admissions team.