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A Sanctuary for Healing

A Sanctuary

When given the tools, support, and environment, all people have the capacity to heal. At Milestones, we take care of you, so you can take care of your healing.


When life feels like its all too much, Milestones offers a refuge and a place of healing.


Live the life you want

Milestones is a comprehensive and bespoke residential therapy experience that focuses on healing what hurts and finding a new way forward. Wanting to address the trauma, anxiety, codependency, and stress that’s weighing you down? We’re here for you.

You’re not what happened to you

All of us carry the weight of our past. Some of us carry more than our fair share. Milestones gives you a sanctuary—a place to get to the root of what ails you. Come rest and restore and find a new way of living.

Innovative recovery that works

These are the pillars that support the Milestones Experience

Trauma expertise

Innovative recovery
that works.

Holistic approach

Customized, innovative, whole-person care.

Empowered healing

Get the tools you need to own your healing.

Healing hospitality

Let us nurture you back to wholeness.

Tight-knit community

Heal with people who understand.

Alum story

Everyone was deeply invested in my healing.

Jennifer | Milestones Alum

For mental health professionals

Learn more about how our approach works, how therapists can work with Milestones, and how to refer a client to our residential treatment experience.

Find care for a loved one

Milestones offers resources for your loved ones, holding space for their healing—as well as yours.