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Commonly asked questions about Milestones.

Who is a good fit for the Milestones program?

Milestones would benefit someone desiring to work on multiple traumas or complex trauma at a slower, individualized, and intentional pace. We specialize in various therapeutic modalities proven to combat trauma and its effects, including sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, and co-dependency.

What is included in my program costs?

In addition to the therapeutic work, your program includes boutique accommodations, meals curated to meet your dietary needs, thoughtfully designed facilities, expansive outdoor space, and hiking trails for exploration and nature-guided healing.

Do you take insurance?

Milestones does not directly bill insurance companies for payment or offer a super bill. However, our team can connect you with a third-party insurance advocate who can help with potential insurance reimbursement.

How long is the Milestones Program?

Milestones offers a variable length of stay between 30 to 90 days, depending on individual needs, progress, and goals.

Will anyone know about my participation?

Milestones has strict confidentiality guidelines to protect participants’ anonymity in accordance with HIPAA guidelines and regulations. View our HIPAA Privacy Statement concerning your health records here.