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Milestones Journal

Stories of healing, restoration, and community

Wherever you are on your emotional wellness journey, we hope that the words on these pages inspire you to continue on with hope.

The Milestones and Onsite Journal features:

Special-edition volume

In the fourth volume of the Onsite Journal, we introduced the Milestones Journal in a flip book fashion. This special edition journal features both the Onsite and the Milestones journal, offering a glimpse into the Milestones experience.

Inspiring and relevant articles

Inspiring articles from some of the world’s leading mental health experts explore relevant and applicable topics such as rest, work-life balance, co-regulation, family systems, and more.

Recipes from the Milestones Kitchen

Bring a piece of Milestones home to your kitchen with three delicious recipes that will nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Feature article: “Where Magic Meets Medicine”

Just because it can’t be measured doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Milestones Psychiatrist and Medical Director Dr. Neil Bomar’s article unpacks the sacred practices of healing trauma.

Real life stories from alums

Encounter a first-hand look at the life transformation and healing that happens at both Milestones and Onsite.

Explore how the Milestones Experience can transform your life

A look inside the Milestones Journal

Featured content in this year’s journal

Innovative Treatment That Works

When you’re ready to find the healing you deserve, we’re here for you. Milestones is a sanctuary—a place where healing thrives. Come repair what hurts and discover a life of wholeness.