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Discovering the Power to Choose

Montanna’s Story

“If we all just decided to look at our life from the perspective of ‘How can I heal from the things that were done to me, that I didn’t deserve, but now I have the power to change…’ I think that could change the whole world. And I think that’s why a place like this is so powerful. If I could get everybody through the doors to this place, we’d see a whole world of healing.”

Hear from Milestones Alum, Montanna, about her  transformational and  nurturing experience within the Milestones community. 

You’re not what’s happened to you. 

All of us carry the weight of our past. Some of us carry more than our fair share. Milestones gives you a sanctuary—a place to get to the root of what ails you. Come rest and restore and find a new way of living.  

When you’re ready to address the trauma, anxiety, codependency, and PTSD that’s weighing you down—we’re here for you.